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Products & Services

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Products & Services

Over the next weeks we will be updating our website with information about our expanding services.

We are actively investing in new equipment, facilities, training, agencies and marine industry partnerships. 


We are now an accredited distributor and fitting centre for the Tek-Dek range of simulated teak decking and interior flooring. Our templating facilities, coupled with the factory produced sections and our trained fitters will assure you of a professional result.

Samples and pricing available at the marina office. Please call in. www.tek-dek.com 


coppercoatlogophoto We are pleased to be an accredited distributor and application centre for Coppercoat.

 Developed in the 1980′s and available to the public since 1991, Coppercoat™ is possibly the most  powerful and long lasting anti-fouling available to the modern yachtsman. This hard wearing densely  copper filled epoxy resin is successfully protecting tens of thousands of boats the world over, saving their  owners the time and expense of annual re-antifouling. Many users have now enjoyed more than 15 years  continual protection from a single treatment!

 As an essential part of the process, our staff are trained to operate our new Antifoul Stripping Machine.


Antifoul Stripping Facility.

Professional, cost effective and kind to the boat.


Cost effective hull cleaning. On fiberglass boats, The Farrow System® removes
anti-fouling and other bottom coatings quickly and completely, leaving the gelcoat
intact, water tight, and ready for paint. The Farrow System® can eliminate tenting
entirely due to the low dispersal characteristics of its cleaning stream. Old paint and
anti-fouling simply drop to the ground under the boat, instead of generating clouds
of contaminants as sand and soda blasting will. And because so little Farrow Green
Clean® media is used by comparison, costs are low, and cleanup is simple and easy!

Information & Prices available at the Marina Office. Please call in. www.coppercoat.com 

 Solelogo                                    12hp - 272hp Marine Engines & Generating Setssolephoto

We are pleased to announce that we are now agents for


For new engines, installations, part and service, please call in at the Marina Office. www.solediesel.com 


 Polishing and Valeting Service.IMG 7211

Our team are very accomplished, proud of their work and kept very busy.

We offer a complete service to choose from including hull polishing,

topside polishing and cleaning up to a complete valeting service.

Our reputation is growing!

Please call in at the Marina Office to discuss your boat care requirements.

Gelcoat & GRP Repairs & Renovation.GRPphoto

We have a growing reputation for GRP repairs, both large and small.

A dedicated, well trained and experienced team with a keen eye for detail

makes us the 1st choice for professional GRP boat care.

From Gelcoat scratches to major damage repair, 

Call in at the marina Office and see what we can do for your boat.


Under Cover Facility.Shedphoto

We have the best undercover facilities for Yachts in Ireland.

A large purpose built Boat Shed for all year round repairs.

This facility is invaluable to us as it enables us to store yachts up to

30 tons in a completely dry and controlled environment.

Ideal for painting, spraying, varnishing, GRP repairs and weather sensitive work.



Marine Engineering Facilities.

We have qualified and experienced Marine Engineers on site.

From servicing and routine repairs to major engineering projects.

Our equipment allows for easy and efficient engine removal and refitting.

Shafts, propellors, annodes, rudder bearings and steering, seacocks etc.

Ask about our free 20 point boat check - It may save some problems for 

you in the future whether you need our help or do your own repairs.

Please call in to the marina office if we can help with any servicing or repairs.

 Volvo Parts Ordering Facility.Volvologo

Order your parts through us, it's easy, convenient and at no extra cost.

We can supply quickly and efficiently for collection here at the marina.

Just let us know what you need.

Please call in to the marina office if we can help.



Agents for Suzuki Outboards.

We can supply any of the new range from 2.5hp - 300hp.

The new generation with Lean Burn Technology, the most fuel efficient yet.

Sales, service and parts.

Please call in to the marina office if we can help.


See more information on our Boatyard & Maintenance page.

Boatyard & Maintenance

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Malahide Marina boasts one of the best lifting and the only purpose built, covered boatyard facilities on the east coast, with capacity for 180 boats ashore in our safe, secure boatyard. We can offer you:  

  • Fuel: supplies of marine diesel and petrol are available by arrangement with the berthing master. Gas can be obtained locally. For fuel and boatyard services, do not enter the marina. Leave the eastern breakwater to port and proceed along the breakwater to the end of the hoist bay. 
  • Lifting services are available subject to arrangement with the marina office, and include high pressure hull washing, mast removal and stepping and engine lifts, as well as storage of your vessel ashore in our boatyard on purpose-built cradles, boat stands or timber blocks 
  • Boat lifting: Our experienced boatyard staff offer an excellent lifting service using a Wise mobile hoist capable of lifting up to 30 tonnes with a maximum beam of 17.5 feet. 
  • Mast Lifting: This machine hoist also features a 1-tonne crane to facilitate engine lifts or stepping masts 
  • Boat Mover: The 20-tonne hydraulic boat mover has increased our haulage capacity by 30% and gives a greater degree of flexibility. 
  • Cradle Hire 



Whether you prefer to sail through the winter, or lay-up your vessel, Malahide Marina is here to assist. Special rates apply for Winter Berthage, and those with time to enjoy the shorter days can relish those golden winters days afloat. For laying up your vessel, our boatyard offers you facilities for all maintenance work you need carried out, whether ashore for open storage, or under cover in our unique covered repair facility.

The only Purpose-built Waterfront Covered Boat Repair Facility on Ireland's East Coast in Malahide, Co. Dublin.

The covered boat repair facility offers a complete range of maintenance, refurbishment and repair services, all conveniently available within the confines of Malahide Marina. The 2,000 sq. ft. covered repair facility caters for jobs ranging from fitting bow-thrusters and stern thrusters, repairing hulls and keels, installing new engines, spray-painting, polishing and anti-fouling, to simple installations such as fitting VHF radios and aerials or new batteries, horns, anodes or rope-cutters. These services are used by several boat sales companies for the commissioning of new vessels.

The waterfront covered boat repair facility accommodates vessels of up to 55ft, and frequently caters for up to four boats at a time. Not all work requires the vessel to locate within the Covered Boat Repair Facility. In many cases the required jobs are accomplished without even lifting the boat ashore. Malahide Marina's customers enjoy these services locally, and vessels come from other locations to avail of this comprehensive service.

In-Season Maintenance:
April to September: Hull washing; Antifouling; Anodes; Engine service; Powerboat instruction; GRP repairs; ReBuffing; Valeting; Polishing; Navigation aids installation. All available at Malahide Marina boatyard.

Off-Season Laying Up:
October to March: Epoxy treatment and osmosis prevention; Varnishing; Teak deck maintenance; Fibre glass repairs; Navigational instruments repair.

See Also...Boatyard Pricing

Please also refer to our Boatyard Products & Services page for more...



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Welcome to the Malahide Marina website!

We hope you find what you're looking for here, but if you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us directly. We'd love to hear from you. Mr. Damien Offer and the Malahide Marina Staff 

About Malahide Marina

Malahide Marina is located just ten miles north of Dublin's city centre, convenient to the M1 and M50 motorways, and well served by public transport. Dublin International Airport is a mere four miles from the marina, and high speed ferries to the U.K. are within easy reach. Malahide, a town on Ireland's east coast known locally as "The Village" has a certain charm that draws people back, again and again. View Google MapFor the Sailor, the location is ideal for cruising this scenic stretch of coastline. But when it comes to shore-leave, there is no better place for a stop-over. 

Visitors will find all the necessary services in our fully equipped boatyard and marina centre before attending to the task of relaxing and exploring the area. Restaurants, pubs, hotels, shops, supermarkets, banks, ATMs, a post office, leisure centre, parks and botanical gardens are all within walking distance of the marina, as are beaches, a golf course and tennis courts. Berth holders enjoy the lifestyle all year round - this is your other life, the place you escape to on Friday evening and dream about during the week.

Tides & Weather for Malahide

tidalmeteireannWhen planning your trips, remember to check the tides and of course, always check the weather before you travel.




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